The Product Recommendations AI for WooCommerce is a plugin that analyzes store generated data with artificial intelligence algorithms and provides product showcases with unique recommendations.

We use machine learning to update the data and thus be more assertive in recommending the right product to the customer.


Download the plugin and install it on your website.

License activation

In menu Settings > Recomendações de produtos IA para WooCommerce paste your license to keep the plugin up to date.


In menu WooCommerce > Product Recommendations

Buyers also bought -> Recommend products that previous customers also bought in relation to the product that was chosen by the current customer

Best selling products in -> Recommend products that previous customers have purchased in relation to the category that was chosen by the current customer

Recommended for you (under development)


Force Training -> Run training outside automatic schedule

Show all trainings -> View all workouts in WooCommerce Scheduled Actions screen


Logs -> View all training logs on the WooCommerce Logs screen


The artificial intelligence that runs the training essentially depends on data from orders, products and store categories, so the more data, the more the recommendation improves and is right.